At a public talk about Scalar Heart Connection, Connie volunteered to be the subject of a demonstration of the process. The shorter online version was used to simplify the process and to save time. 

Connie wanted to ask her heart about the chronic pain she was having in her lower back. 

Connie’s heart directed her to the Crown Chakra as the emotional center holding the Issue of discomfort in the lower back. The specific Emotion behind the disharmonious resonance in the Crown Chakra was the feeling of being: “Out of Control.” Connie was confused as to why her heart directed her to this feeling. She said she felt very much in control. 

The next step in the process was to find the Obstacle, which is the Mind’s Negative or Conditioned Belief that is involved in creating the Issue, which for Connie was the chronic pain in her lower back. Connie’s heart showed her the number related to the statement: “I am trapped in tension unable to relax mentally or physically.” Connie was confused by this statement as well because she felt relaxed and didn’t particularly feel any tension. 

Next, Connie asked her heart to show her a number related to the Unmet Heart Need. This is the vibratory quality that becomes excluded from our body-mind system because of the chaotic energy pattern created by the emotion “Out of Control.” Connie’s heart showed her the number related to the statement: “Limitlessness.” Connie didn’t have a clear picture of what the heart was trying to say about limitlessness and being out of control so we went directly to the Positive Heart Response. Connie’s heart directed her to the statement: “I am self-sufficient.” Connie said she has always been self-sufficient. 

At this point in the session, it was clear that the heart had a message that Connie’s mind-consciousness hadn’t yet been able to clarify. In other words, we hadn’t connected the dots between what came up in the session. This type of situation is behind the development of the Archetypal Hero Patterns. These patterns place the entire session into a deeper level of understanding in terms of the underlying dynamics that are at the foundation of our problems. The archetypal pattern reveals what our problems are trying to motivate us to grow towards. 

Connie’s heart chose the number related to the Archetypal Hero Pattern number 7-3-1: 

The Seventh House in the (7)-3-1 pattern is the Issue, which is the house of relationships. Connie immediately recognized that this pattern was speaking to a relationship problem she was having with her daughters. The Emotion, “Out of Control,” started to make more sense. 

The Third House in the 7-(3)-1 pattern is the Obstacle, which is about our tendency to judge others and/or ourselves. Connie said her daughters judge her. She added, “I might be a bit judgmental too.” The earlier Negative Mind-brain Conditioning statement, “I am trapped in tension,” made more sense when placed in context to the tension between her and her daughters. The tension could now be seen, perhaps, as being held in the lower back. Issues with the lower back can also be about flexibility and how well we go with the flow – not needing to control. 

The First House in the 7-3-(1) pattern is the Action, which is about learning to embrace the sense of identity in relationship to others without becoming controlling or dominating. The Action is related to the Positive Heart Message that came up earlier: “I am self-sufficient.” Connie realized that her heart acknowledged her sense of being ‘self-sufficient,’ but it was about the ‘quality’ of being self-sufficient. She said, “My daughters see me as self-sufficient, so they don’t think I need them or need to have a relationship with them. It is actually working against me in terms of relationships.” She realized that the action her heart was calling for was to relax or soften her unconscious need to be self-sufficient and judgmental in relation to her daughters so she could emanate a softer persona (vibration) around them. In this way, her relationship with them would be ‘limitless.’

From Connie’s new perspective of the session, she created the Positive Statement: “I am soft in relationships – we are all One in our way of relationship.” 

Thanks to the Archetypal Hero Patterns, we went from a session that was not making any sense to one that was profound and life-changing. 

The Description of the Archetypal Hero Pattern as found in the Session:

The Archetypal Hero Pattern 7 – 3 – 1

An issue with relationships is also about how the hero sees themselves in relation to others. A lack of harmony and connection with others leads to isolation and loneliness or feelings of shame and guilt. These issues can also be a calling for relationship with the hero’s higher self and a re-connection with their authentic self. Before the hero can continue his or her journey, they learn to live harmoniously with others.  

Hero Stage: Preparing for the ‘Great’ Challenge – learning heart-centered compassion.


The challenge is their own mind-brain conditioning that judges others based on their differences. Their cultural prejudices can block their progress on the journey towards wholeness and attaining a state of unconditional love. Only by expanding the heart wide enough can the hero encompass all illusions of differences.

Hero Stage: Refusal of the Call:  Relying on Mind-consciousness, which is generally driven by fear (fear of the unknown).


The action necessary relates to learning to embrace the sense of identity in relationship to others without becoming controlling or dominating. It is still about desire, but how we go about getting what we want in a heartful and compassionate manner.

Hero Stage: At Home in the Ordinary World, where we like things to stay just as they are or wanting control over our surroundings.