Archetypes call us to adventure; they put us in harm’s way, provide guidance, and save us from danger in the nick of time. Archetypes communicate to use in the language of symbols, dreams, numbers, and synchronistic events. Their ultimate mission is to lead us back to ourselves; not to our limited ‘thinking’ self, but to our higher, more aware, awakened Self. 

When an archetype places a challenge in our life’s path, we don’t need to wait for a bird to fly into our kitchen window or a snake to slither across our path to tell us we are about to embark on yet another journey of Self discovery and transformation. C. G. Jung found the I-Ching to be helpful in providing guidance. Others are drawn to animal medicine cards, runes, oracle cards, astrology, and other tools for advice and direction. Prayer, meditation, depth psychology, and transpersonal psychology can be helpful in interpreting the messages of the archetypes that have activated along our path. But what if we could communicate directly with the archetypes? What if we could unravel the code behind sacred geometry in such a way that we could utilize its numbers as a language for accessing archetypes?

Jung believed that ‘number’ itself is an archetype; a symbol of an underlying principle of wholeness and unity. Number can be seen as a bridge between the physically knowable and the realm of intuition or metaphysical knowing. Number is a language deciphered through the vibration of feeling and the heart is the organ of feeling. Therefore, the heart is at the heart of counting ‘number.’ The heart as a counting system is connected to the heartbeat of Earth, to the phases of the Moon, and the Grand Cycle of Time. The heart is the bridge between our outer world and the inner world of the archetypes.

Scalar Heart Connection utilizes the innate knowing of the heart and its natural synchronization with number to facilitate heart-centered personal growth and transformation. The process teaches us how to use our heart as a guide toward a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. There is the old adage, “follow your heart to happiness.” Scalar Heart Connection actually shows people how to do just that in a step-by-step process based on the fact that our heartbeat is synchronized with the heartbeat of the universe and that the heart actually communicates with our brain and organs via vibration. Scalar Heart Connection is easy to use and a fun experience to help us access subconscious beliefs and attitudes that hold us in limitation and prevent us from experiencing joy and inner connection. The process connects us to our own unique heart-wisdom so we can identify and re-align emotional imbalances and move toward greater harmony within ourselves; in synch with a greater wholeness.

We are in an era of conscious realization of the unity of psyche and matter. “On the growing edge of our cultural awareness lies the discovery that the split between body and spirit is only ever resolved through the heart.” Every human being has the opportunity to create more caring relationships with others and the planet and to access intuition and higher levels of awareness.

On September 12-14, 2014 Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Richard Tarnas, Dr. KD Farris, Gary S. Bobroff, Toko-pa, and other visionary leaders, whose work has pioneered our understanding of the unity of psyche and matter, will gather at the inaugural Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium in Joshua Tree, California. Scalar Heart Connection will be at the Symposium to present and demonstrate how we can be guided by our heart to shift old and limiting beliefs into positive resonances and thereby align ourselves with what is positive, joyful, and life-enhancing. Come join us! 

Article by Stephen Linsteadt
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