The relationship between the Quantum Healing Codes and the Houses of the Zodiac pose an interesting question because there are twelve houses in the Zodiac and only six codes. The mystery is solved when we look at how the codes correspond to both the chakras and the zodiac houses.

For those unfamiliar with the Quantum Healing Codes, their notes 396cps, 417cps, 528cps, 639cps, 741cps, and 852cps were first described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Leonard Horowitz as the missing solfeggio scale that vibrates at the exact frequencies required to transform spirit to matter or matter to spirit.

While the Quantum Healing Codes are based on the musical notes as described by Leonard Horowitz, this particular arrangement includes all of the possible intervals or chords that can be created by combining the single notes together. In the book Quantum Healing Codes the single note frequencies are correlated to the chakras by converting them into wave-lengths. The chart below shows how the Quantum Healing Codes correspond to the color frequencies of the chakras:

3 9 6
3rd – Gemini
Mind, intellect, judging.
4 1 7
4th – Cancer
Emotions, childhood memories.
5 2 8
5th – Leo
Heart, creativity, self-expression.
6 3 9
6th – Virgo
Mind, discernment.
7 4 1
7th – Libra
Heart, compassion, relationships.
8 5 2
8th – Scorpio
Emotions, transformation.

The image below shows how the codes line up to the Zodiac houses one through eight:

When we add the chakras to the Zodiac image we discover something extraordinary:

From the image above we see that the Throat Chakra is correlated to both the House of Gemini and Virgo. Both of these houses are ruled by Mercury. We also find from astrology texts that Mercury is exalted in Virgo. Planets are said to be exalted within signs that give them the best resources to fulfill their primary mission. Mercury, therefore, in Gemini has the archetypal or energetic quality of being critical and judgmental. It can be intelligent, but also prone to seeing everything as black or white and, therefore, missing the big picture. It can also be a bit self-centered in its view of the world through the mind and what the eyes can see in relation to itself. On the other hand, when Mercury is in Virgo it possesses the qualities of discernment. It is now a mind that has advanced through the lessons of the heart and now sees through the eyes of the heart. From this view, we could say that Mercury contains the qualities of both the lower-mind and upper-mind.

Likewise, the Fourth House of Cancer, correlated with the Pelvis Chakra and our emotions, also has a counterpart in the Eighth House of Scorpio. Cancer is the house of childhood memories and their associated emotions, particularly in response to mother issues. When we dwell on these unresolved issues we stop moving forward. For this reason, we can call this the house of lower-emotions. The House of Scorpio, on the other hand, requires us to confront our deeply hidden and suppressed emotions. It asks us to find the courage to go beyond what we normally refuse to look at in ourselves. For this reason, we can view this house as the house of higher-emotions, assuming we have learned to place them within the context of heart-consciousness, which we learn to do in the House of Libra.

Both the Houses of Leo and Libra are connected to the Heart Chakra. To the extent that Leo represents our creative power and sense of individualization, we can fall into the trap of heightened ego consciousness. Hence, Leo can be regarded as the house of the lower-heart. The lessons we learn through our journey through the lower houses of Gemini, Cancer, and Leo prepare us for the House of Libra. Libra is the house of the higher-heart because we have risen above the wounds of the past and embraced the selfless world of heart-consciousness. We discover our highest potential and stop trying to fit in. We also learn to live harmoniously with others and to be of service to the greater community.

The obvious question is why don’t the codes include the first two houses or the last four houses (nine through twelve):

3 (396) – MIND (mercury in gemini)
4 (417) – EMOTIONS (moon in cancer)
5 (528) – HEART (sun in leo)
6 (639) – HIGHER MIND (mercury in vergo)
7 (741) – HIGHER HEART (venus in libra)
8 (852) – HIGHER EMOTIONS (mars in scorpio)

The answer may lie in the progression of the hero’s journey, which doesn’t begin until the hero rejects the Call to Adventure. This rejection occurs in the Third House of Gemini, because that is where we find our critical and judging mind. From there, the journey leads to our emotions (the ones we tend to dwell on or wallow in), and then into the heart (but mostly the ego heart). As we begin to do more transpersonal work, we become more discerning and less judgmental (higher mind). Then we learn to gain heart-compassion (higher heart). And finally, we master our deepest shadows/emotions (higher emotions). Once we have achieved this we are automatically at the ninth stage of Jupiter (completion) – at least completion in terms of what we need to learn on Earth. From here, the journey is more of spirit—we have crossed the portal of the heart and are now embarking on a journey through the unseen world.

It is interesting that the Quantum Healing Codes only focus on the planets closest to Earth: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Again, this points to the codes being concerned with our ego and teaching us to connect to the Divine.

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