A new global community is rising—a community of heartful people that go into action to help those in need. It is the Permaculture principle of ‘peoplecare.’ We just witnessed people in Europe coming to the aid of refugees making their way to safe havens. This is the power of the heart and the Power of Love in action.

We know about the power of love from mythology and the Hollywood versions of two hearts beating as one. In these stories, two people fall in love and the power of their love allows them to endure in the face adversity and to beat all odds. The power of love is amplified when the hearts of two individuals come together as one. This happens when each person is attentive to the feelings and the needs of the other. The heart knows how the other person feels because the heart is beating, vibrating, and singing. It ‘feels’ the beating song of the other and ‘knows’ when they are harmonious or discordant. Our love for the other person is so strong that we forget ourselves and our wants and desires. We stop paying attention to our mind-chatter, our desires, and fears. In that sacred and still space of the heart, we can also hear the Song of the Universe all around us. When we are connected to the beat and harmony of the Universe we tap into a power that is larger than ourselves.

By opening our heart to the needs of others we create a heart-connection to an entire community. When the community connects to the needs of other communities we tap into a greater power, a power that gives us the strength to endure and create a sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. Tapping into that power is what mythologist Joseph Campbell referred to as our primary goal in life. He believed that the goal of life should be to match our heartbeat with the beat of the Universe. He meant it as more than a metaphor. He said it was the only chance our civilization has for survival.

The first step to connecting to the heartbeat of the Universe is to understand that our heart is already beating in harmony with the very fabric of spacetime. It is not a coincidence that the human heart, on average, beats 72 times per minute or 4,320 times per hour. The number 4,320 is harmonically related to 432 Hz, which in Pythagorean Tuning is the note of A and said to vibrate in sync with the patterns of the Universe. We see this more clearly when we consider that the number 432 squared is equal to the speed of light (99.82%). The heart, therefore, is rhythmically connected to both space (light) and time. Consequently, it knows what spacetime knows.

The second step requires that we look beyond our fears—the fear that others in need are taking something away from us. It is the fear of scarcity and our mental conditioning that believes we live in a dog-eat-dog world. We have to learn to trust that we live in a benevolent Universe. We have to learn that our survival depends on the cooperation of the global community.

People living in a distant land and have lost their homes from war deserve our help and compassion just as much as those who have recently lost their homes in the California wildfires. The eyes of the heart do not see borders. Imagine a world where the hearts of people beat as one without the need to judge others by ethnic or economic differences. Imagine the power humanity could harness if we opened our hearts to include every heart on the planet.

When we consider the suffering and the needs of the global community we tap into the heartbeat of the Universe and to the Power of Love. It is up to each individual to connect to the Power of Love one heart at a time.