The heart has an extraordinary ability to ‘know.’ Experiments by Dean Radin, for example, demonstrate the heart’s ability to cause physiological changes before a significant event occurs, similar to the instinct of animals to take protective measures before an earthquake or a tsunami.

If the heart knows an important event is about to happen before it actually happens, then our concept of time and space must be reconsidered. It suggests that we live in a holographic universe, as physicist David Bohm suggested. It puts the heart at the center of ‘knowing,’ connected to an intelligence that lies outside the brain, perhaps in the field of essence.

Asking the heart for guidance is easier than we may think. The process of Scalar Heart Connection utilizes synchronicity, similar in that aspect to the I Ching. The difference is that Scalar Heart Connection utilizes number as a matrix of informative statements that identify the specifics. This is accomplished when we tap into trusting our heart and we ask it to show us a number related to the information we need in connection to the ‘issue’ at hand. The heart will guide us through the ‘obstacle’ as well as the ‘action’ we need to take to modify the disharmonious resonance pattern of our issue into one that is entirely integrated and connected with what our heart truly desires.

Connecting to heart consciousness helps us tap into the wellspring of love. When the spirit of love flows through us unimpeded by repressed emotions and negative thinking, we become a channel for spirit to manifest in the world. Then, what we create and who we are becomes a monument to spirit.

First published in Maui Vision Magazine

Stephen Linsteadt, NHD, CNC, is founder of Scalar Heart Connection. Join him January 24-25 in Makawao, Maui, where he will teach the process of asking for our heart’s guidance; and January 22 at 7:00 p.m. for a talk at Awakening in Paradise Bookstore, Kihei.