[First published in Seattle Awakenings]

Author and speaker Stephen Linsteadt has announced a weekend Healing Circle in Seattle August 27-28, 2016. The Healing Circle will introduce Scalar Heart Connection as a powerful healing modality in conjunction with Family Constellations.

According to Linsteadt, our negative mind-brain conditioning is often deeply rooted in ancestral patterns stemming from unresolved issues, traumas, and beliefs from our parent’s parents. If you believe in reincarnation, you can also look at this as resonant memory patterns carried over from a past life. There can also be members in our family tree who were traumatized, cast out of the family, or committed suicide. The memory resonance of these events can leave an energetic vacuum or, as current research is showing, epigenetic tags through a process called epigenetic inheritance (a parent’s experiences can be passed down to future generations through modifications in gene expression). [1]

The good news is that these inherited patterns can be re-programmed. Linsteadt says, “Similar to the way we inherit the DNA structure from our ancestors, biologist Rupert Sheldrake describes an energetic informational field or morphic field that holds the information pattern of our entire family system.[2] The therapeutic application of this morphic field is an experiential process called Systemic or Family Constellations. According to Bert Hellinger, this energetic informational field ‘knows’ the deep down realities of our family system and contains not only the deep-seated wounds, but the mode of healing, as well.” [3]

This information field can also be considered the source of synchronicity or the many “helping hands’ described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

“Synchronicity is the strange phenomenon where things seem to happen ‘by chance,’ like when strangers show up to help us move towards the fulfillment of our desires.” Linsteadt says, “This unseen information field can also be called heart-consciousness. When we tap into heart-consciousness, we override our ancestral and societal behavior patterns that too often lead us into trouble in the first place. These are the mind-brain conditioned beliefs that hold us in limitation and cause us to ‘react’ to life’s challenges instead of ‘responding’ with compassion and understanding,” he continues.

Scalar Heart Connection is a technology-based process that helps us tap into the wisdom of our own heart by utilizing a heart-matrix based on the archetypal nature of number, frequencies, and sacred geometry. The process allows us to ask heart-consciousness for guidance into a problem, upset, or other life challenge.

“When our negative mind-brain reaction to a problem that is coming from a family inherited pattern, our heart will inform us that we need to go deeper into the source through Family Constellations,” Linsteadt says. “The process of Scalar Heart Connection with Family Constellations provides a profound understanding into the source of what is holding us in limitation. People find the experience to be amazing because it changes the negative resonance patterns for everyone in the family tree, including future generations.”

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