The Heart of The Hero Workshop

You will gain insight into your life as a personal Hero’s Journey and the archetypal patterns that move you to growth and personal transformation. Participants are provided with their Astrology Map, based on Vedic or sidereal astrology. This map will give insight into the house where the Hero (you) is stuck, where you need to go, and the life lessons provided in the process. You will get deeper knowledge about the Chakras as a Spiritual Journey, the Zodiac Houses, the Enneagram, the archetypes of Numbers, and Sacred Geometry, which all come together in the heart-matrix of Scalar Heart Connection. Experience an easy to use method of how to walk the Heart of the Hero Journey.

No previous requirements are required to take this workshop. People will need to provide name, date, hour, and place of birth at least three days before the workshop.

Take the Workshop Online and Learn :

Day One

    • What is Scalar Heart Connection
    • How is the heart connected to the infinite Field of Knowing.
    • The Heart as a Mobius Coil that connects us to the ‘scalar’ quantum field of unlimited potential.
    • Demonstration of the process
    • Neuropeptides – molecules of emotion. The heart as a mini-brain that knows how all our cells “feel”.
    • David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake on the morphogenetic field, and how this field contains the memory of our ancestors.
    • How our ancestor’s experiences affect our behavior, usually our bad behavior and limiting beliefs that interfere with relationships, career, and life purpose.
    • Transforming personality into our Essence.
    • Living from a place of Essence instead of mind-ego-consciousness.
    • Metatron’s Cube and the Merkabah: the heart matrix behind Scalar Heart Connection.
    • Archetypal personality patterns in the chakras, zodiac houses, and enneagram and how they guide us through our life lessons.
    • The Quantum Healing Codes as vibrations to align us with our positive intentions.
    • Participant practice


  • Day Two
    • Intro to Joseph Campbell’s Journey of the Hero.
    • How Scalar Heart Connection is a twelve-step hero’s journey guiding us on our personal life journey with heart-consciousness.
    • Demonstration of the process
    • Participant practice.


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