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The Heart of the Hero shows readers how to ask their heart for guidance during periods of emotional unrest and uncertainty. It is based on sacred geometry and its connection to number as the pervasive language of the heart. In addition to being a practical self-help tool, this book examines the universal and archetypal nature of our troubles and places them within geometric patterns so readers can better understand the evolutionary motivations of such challenges.

“Trust the mystery and know for yourself.”


"Three thousand years ago, the Chinese gave the world the I Ching; today, Linsteadt gives us Scalar Heart Connection and The Heart of the Hero—innovative, modern tools for the discovery of hidden inner meaning.Our culture is just now re-discovering the unity of matter and psyche and the existence of possibilities beyond the mechanistic.This pioneering work applies that new understanding.Jung reminds us that the unconscious wants to become conscious if we give it a chance and Linsteadt invites us to listen, trust our inner knowing and experience that possibility for ourselves. Explore The Heart of the Hero and Scalar Heart Connection—trust the mystery—and know for yourself.”
~ Gary S. Bobroff, Author, Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergnce of the Archetypal Feminine.

“Linsteadt captures your attention with his knowledge and insights. He skillfully and masterfully interweaves complex subject matters about existence, psychology, mythology, healing, astrology, and science with personal stories, case studies, and examples teaching us how everything is connected. He is a true guide, healer and mystic helping us in our own evolution. His ability to invent “Scalar Hear Connection”, a brilliant healing method that combines intuition, numbers, quantum sounds, and the knowledge of the chakras, is masterfully explained. I highly recommend this book, it is a well researched reference book and healing and inspiring as you read it.”
~ Monika Summerfield, LMFT Licensed Psychotherapist.
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