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Scalar Heart Connection CD guides the listener to direct this scalar energy, through intention, to go anywhere in the body that needs healing energy. The CD is accompanied by a healing composition that utilizes the fundamental notes from the Quantum Healing Codes™. If you have an area of pain or emotional discomfort you can use this CD to help you focus your intention of healing on this area. You can focus your attention/intention inwardly to connect or strengthen any weaknesses you feel about yourself or anything else you are thinking about that weakens you. A 'connection' is the process of identifying the limiting or weakening thought, feeling, issue, or dis-ease and consciously using the unlimited potential of your own scalar waves to cancel the negative frequencies they create and connect yourself with positive, life-enhancing frequencies.

Scalar Heart Connection™ is a culmination of many years of research into the geometry of spacetime consciousness. Stephen Linsteadt describes the heart as the interface between mind-brain consciousness and universal Consciousness. When we become heart-centered, we move into greater harmony within ourselves and with the planet as a whole.


"The session I had with you shifted my level of happiness. There was more spring in my step. There was a higher sense of well-being. I felt happier even with a lot of things that are going on in my life. I was still able to carry that vibration."
~ Brenda Michaels, Conscious Talk Radio
"I have now been listening to the Scalar Heart Connection recording for almost 2 weeks. By listening and visualising, I have noticed many improvements, not only in the quality of my sleep, but also in my ability to practice and apply my energy modality tools and achieve positive results. For whatever reason you choose to listen to it, this recording is worth every penny and more. The technology is beautifully assembled to create a wonderful and worthwhile listening experience. Highly recommended."
~ Ewa Andalucia, Spain
"Wow! I received my CD on Scalar Heart yesterday and used it for the first time last night. I don't believe I have ever felt so good. Thank you for this."
~ TJ Johnson
"I am beginning to feel much better, I am exercising without so much pain and discomfort afterward and I am gaining energy and a sense of well-being. Could be your "Heart of Health" CD don't you think? I have a digital copy on my PDA and I listen to it when I have trouble going back to sleep when I awaken during the night, and I appreciate it very much."
~ Tom Mattoon
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