Y.E.S. Innerprizes sponsored “Poems for Peace” in Los Angeles in honor of International Peace Day.

Scalar Heart Connection was invited to open the event with a message from the heart related to World Peace.

Audience members took turns asking their hearts to show them a number related to the steps of the process.

The first number showed us that the issue of World Peace is related to the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is about community and our efforts towards survival and self-preservation. Disharmony in this center arises from insecurity, greed, and self-centered instinctual behaviors involving aggression, dominance, and territoriality. The harmonious energy of the Root Chakra is about connection with the Earth and its inhabitants. It is about staying safe and helping others in the community feel physically secure.

The second number chosen by the audience related to the specific emotion that is activated or out of balance around the issue of World Peace. The heart provided us with the emotion of “Greed.”

Next, we asked our collective heart to show us a number related to humanity’s conditioned mental belief around greed. The statement provided by the heart was: “We are too weak to face life’s challenges.”

The next number chosen was related to the positive resonance we need as the anti-dote to greed. Our collective hearts showed us the word “Humility.”

Finally, the audience chose a number from their heart that represented the new positive belief we need in order to shift greed into humility. Our collective heart showed us the statement: “We identify, recognize, and actively support the needs of the global community.”

We supported the vibration of this new and positive statement with the Quantum Healing Code #396, which is the frequency of the Earth. Everyone in the audience hummed or toned to this musical note until we could feel ourselves all connected as one heart.

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