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Life Purpose

Let your heart guide you towards greater spiritual fulfillment and communion. Aligning with your heart’s innate knowing is the first step to connecting to a higher calling and deeper purpose.

Love & Relationships

To have the love you want, you must evolve into the person you want to attract. Let your heart clear limiting and negative beliefs that prevent you from experiencing a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Personal Transformation

Tapping into your heart’s innate knowing will help you powerfully shift your worldview into an uplifting approach to life. Ask your heart to guide you through your problems.

Scalar Heart Connection - A simple process for helping people connect with their heart's innate knowing.
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Quantum Healing Codes™:
Solfeggio Frequencies for Positive Change

The Quantum Healing Codes™ are based on the solfeggio codes and the idea that there exists a predictable geometric pattern behind all matter. From this pattern all else can be created. Therefore, in order to reestablish coherence within our body-mind system we need to use a powerful and versatile set of frequencies; ones that allow us to shatter limiting and painful experiences as well as bring greater coherence to the system.

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Ask Your Heart® by Stephen Linsteadt

Enter your Issue or Problem and follow the remaining simple steps. Your heart's inner wisdom, like the I Ching, will inform you of your mind's negative response based on early childhood conditioning and experiences...

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The Heart of the Hero by Stephen Linsteadt

The Heart of the Hero shows readers how to ask their heart for guidance during periods of emotional unrest and uncertainty. It is based on sacred geometry and its connection to number as the pervasive language of the heart. In addition to being a practical self-help tool, this book examines the universal and archetypal nature of our troubles and places them within geometric patterns so readers can better understand the evolutionary motivations of such challenges.

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Your heart will always tell you what you need to know. You only need to know how to ask and how to listen.
What they say about us

“Scalar Heart Connection helps you look deeper into yourself. It is like a flashlight. It raises your consciousness as you do it.”

~ Dr. Michael Smith, MD


Your presentation of ideas and concepts thread through time in antiquity. I have yet to come across someone whose work is so comprehensive, integrated, and palatable for all. This is the kind of integration of ideas I believe is being called for to connect – connect us all. If in fact, we are all connected and “it is” all connected, your work ties this together beautifully from both a science and faith perspective. To me, this bridge, this rainbow bridge, is integral at this time. When we ‘see’ the big picture, we are able to have full perspective bridging time and space and all matter/matters. On behalf of humanity (whether they see it or not), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do & have done. This is the great work.

~ Patricia Streloff, WA

I thought Stephen’s presentation was moving, informative, and most certainly novel. Stephen was warm, engaging, and clearly knows his shit! I think the mini sessions were the highlight for me without a doubt. I did find my rational/logical/skeptical mind creeping in at times, attempting to pick apart certain aspects of his formula, but I think that part of me was quieted by the actual experience. Almost as though I could feel the truth in his work in a concrete way that overpowered the part of me that wanted to evaluate. I drove home feeling quite inspired and hopeful about the prospect of getting deeper into this stuff soon, and realizing I could work it into my therapeutic approach.

~ Mark Laisure, Co-Host, The Life Changes Show, Los Angeles

Scalar Heart Connection

The process taps into the source of synchronicity through the innate knowing of the heart. The method allows us to bypass the mind’s reactivity so we can hear the heart’s loving messages to us and identifies what is holding us back from realizing our full potential and unique gifts. It opens our heart to the vibration [… Read More]

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