Scalar Heart Connection - The Art of Synchronicity and Personal Transformation (Paperback LINK to Amazon ONLY)

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Scalar Heart Connection is a process that connects us to the source of synchronicity and thereby helps us tap into the innate knowing of our heart. The process utilizes the concepts of quantum mechanics, the archetype of Number as well as the heart's scalar field of unlimited potentiality. It is also based on a variety of disciplines, including sound healing, the I Ching, oriental medicine, chakra balancing, sacred geometry, archetypal personality patterns, astrology, and Family Constellations.From heart-consciousness we can ask the Intelligence beyond time and space to help us understand and guide us through life’s challenges with heartful action. Stephen describes the heart as the interface between mind-brain consciousness and the Field of Universal Consciousness.

The process taps into the Quantum Field through the innate knowing of the heart. The method allows us to bypass the mind's reactivity so we can identify what is holding us in pain or from realizing our ideal relationship and full potential.

Let your heart guide you towards greater spiritual fulfillment and communion. Aligning with your heart’s innate knowing is the first step to connecting to a higher calling and deeper purpose.

To have the love you want, you must evolve into the person you want to attract. Let your heart clear limiting and negative beliefs that prevent you from experiencing a happy and fulfilling relationship.

“I have yet to come across someone whose work is so comprehensive, integrated, and palatable for all. This is the kind of integration of ideas I believe is being called for to connect – connect us all. Stephen’s work ties this together beautifully from both a science and faith perspective. To me, this bridge, this rainbow bridge, is integral at this time. On behalf of humanity (whether they see it or not), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do and have done. This is the great work."

~ Patricia Streloff, WA

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