Scalar Heart Connection Practitioner Training Course and Retreat - São Paulo, Brazil. December 8 to 10, 2023

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Hear what your heart has to say about what prevents you from experiencing joy and inner connection and harmony.

At the Scalar Heart Connection workshop, you will learn how to identify what is preventing you from experiencing what you want and deserve. Most importantly, you will learn you how to entrain the resonance of your desires into patterns that attract what is life enhancing. You will become an expert on how to use this process on yourself and how you can apply it with your clients and loved ones.

December 8 to 10, 2023

Teacher: Natascha J. Martinas

Nature Space Rainbow Retreat Center

Price includes meals and accomodations. Plus fabulous bonuses

  1. Quantum Healing Codes book download
  2. Quantum Healing audio 22 tracks download
  3. 72 days of free access to the profesional platform of Scalar Heart Connection
  4. Guided Meditation from Scalar Heart Connection download
  5. Exclusive group support whatsapp
  6. Ticket to participate in an online Scalar Heart Connection group session

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