Sheryl wanted to ask her heart what was preventing her from exercising her talents and serving others with love.

Sheryl’s heart showed her that the emotional center holding this constriction was in the Crown Chakra, which is about meaning and purpose. Sheryl said she saw her purpose as serving her neighbors (others).

The Negative Mind-Brain conditioned belief around her Issues was: “I am out of control.”

Sheryl’s heart wanted to replace her negative mind-talk with a Positive Heart message. Her heart showed her the number related to the new belief: “I live life to the fullest and I am unlimited.”

The Organ that was weakened by the negative belief was her Nervous System. The statement needed to bring coherence to her nervous system was: “I communicate my truth, clearly and confidently, to others.

The Level of Sheryl’s Issue was “Psychological” and the statement: “Over guarding/over protecting.” Sheryl said she could feel the truth in that statement but was not clear about the specifics or where it was coming from.

To find the source of “Over guarding/over protecting” we needed to know the Earlier Experience. Sheryl’s heart showed her the number related to the Birth Processes in the sixth month in her mother’s womb. Sheryl said she didn’t know about any situation in her mother’s pregnancy that would have created a negative belief in her at six months in the birth process. She said she was the eldest daughter. She has a younger sister. She thought her mother was happy, although she divorced her father when she was nine years old. She said her mother had epilepsy when she was a child.

Something imprinted on Sheryl during the sixth month that prevented a positive resonance to be carried over after birth. This is The Unmet Heart Need or the thing that is missing. Sheryl’s heart showed her that what was missing as a result of this experience was the vibration of “Joy.”

The short answer to Sheryl’s original question is that “Joy” is what is missing and that is what was preventing her from fully realizing her talents and helping people with love. For Sheryl to reintegrate “Joy” she needed to see how and where “Joy” was lost in her family system. Sheryl’s heart has given her the clue that she is not fully connected to meaning and purpose and she is over protecting herself from something not known consciously. There is also an issue of being or feeling out of control. Her nervous system is holding a secret and not communicating her truth. We also know that her heart wants her to go beyond what is holding her back and live life to the fullest and be unlimited. Another important clue might lie in her mother’s epilepsy.

Family Constellations facilitator, Simone Arrojo, began a Family Constellation with the comment that when the parents want to kill each other the children can have epilepsy.

SIMONE to SHERYL: “Were your grandparents violent with each other? What comes up for you?” SHERYL: “My mother’s suffering.”
SIMONE: “Choose someone to represent you (SELF), your MOTHER, and her parents.
SELF and GRANDFATHER enter and face each other.
GRANDMOTHER stands between them but a few feet back.
SELF steps toward GRANDFATHER.
GRANDFATHER lunges at SELF then backs off.
GRANDFATHER continues to step back and SELF moves closer to him.
SIMONE to SHERYL: “Choose someone to represent the REASON WHY your GRANDFATHER is so aggressive.”
REASON WHY: “I feel like I want to be a football player and tackle him to the ground.”
REASON WHY tries to tackle GRANDFATHER. They struggle and REASON WHY holds him tight in his arms.
GRANDFATHER looks at SELF then is pulled down by REASON WHY.
SHERYL: “My grandfather betrayed his wife and ignored the children. My mother was the youngest.”
REASON WHY: “I need to kill him.”
SHERYL: “My mother was the favorite of the grandparents.”
SIMONE: “She was the one who received all the anger from your grandfather and everyone else who knew them.”
SHERYL: “My grandfather died this year. He had a lover. He loved both her and my grandmother. My grandmother would say he is still in love with that old lover.”
SHERYL enters the circle.
GRANDFATHER and SELF hold hands.
SIMONE: “Let’s see why GRANDFATHER stayed in the family.”
LOVER enters the circle.
SHERYL to MOTHER: “Grandfather and dad stayed only because of you.”
GRANDFATHER: “My arm hurts.”
DAD enters the circle.
GRANDFATHER and DAD bring SELF over to SHERYL. SHERYL and SELF hug. GRANDFATHER wants to show SHERYL his lover and their child.
REASON WHY becomes their child and says to SHERYL: “I had to kill you.”
GRANDFATHER to CHILD: “Now you stay there.”
SIMONE: “There is a woman (LOVER) who is not seen and she has a son.”
Someone from the audience sings: “Stop looking at me with promising eyes and then you smile as if you don’t want anything. You don’t know but I have scars made by life and I am afraid of making plans and getting hurt again. I don’t want your love just for one night only.”
SHERYL: “I don’t have a relationship because I don’t see anyone.”
SHERYL to LOVER: “I identify myself with you, with the women that were not seen by my grandfather with respect.”
SHERYL: “My dad also had other women.”
SIMONE: “It is a repetition.”
LOVER: “I am a different woman.”
LOVER takes hold of DAD’s hand. DAD looks at SHERYL but is led away by LOVER.
SIMONE to SHERYL: “Can you tell the men that you can understand them.”
SHERYL: “I am not taking sides anymore.”
DAD: “My relationship is with my lover but I can’t leave my children.”
DAD: “I didn’t love your mother.”
DAD to SHERYL: “You were made with much love.”
SHERYL: “I understand you.”
DAD: “Now I can look at LOVER.”
SHERYL: “May each find their own love.”
SIMONE: “This is how you were when your father left (pointing to CHILD on the ground).” SHERYL: “My Father died soon after he and my mother separated. They separated because my mom betrayed him, but he had betrayed her many times before.”
SIMONE: “Can you make your own love path or are you dead to life the way the CHILD on the floor is dead.”
SHERYL: “Sometimes I make mistakes with men because I want to.”
SIMONE to SHERYL: “Look at their love stories.”
DAD stares at Child on the floor.
SIMONE to SHERYL: “Did your DAD have any children outside the marriage?”
SHERYL: “I don’t know, but when he died his lover had a small son and my dad always wanted a son. My dad’s lover resembles the representative of his lover.”
DAD and LOVER go to CHILD on the floor and hold him.
SHERYL: “My dad died in a car accident. Something violent. He lost control.”
SIMONE: “Let’s see what is missing here.”
SHERYL to DAD and GRANDFATHER: “Now you have a clear vision of who you loved.”
DAD to SHERYL: “I am stuck here but still I love my old family.”
GRANDFATHER: “Your mother needs to say something.”
SHERYL: “My Mother doesn’t talk.”
MOTHER to GRANDFATHER (her father): “If you need to stay there then stay there.” GRANDFATHER releases the anger.
SHERYL: “I show my feelings but my mother does not show her feelings. My dad was drunk and lost control of the car and was killed.”
SIMONE: “Say to your dad: You lost control of your life.”
SHERYL to DAD: “I understand. You went away too early.”
DAD to SHERYL: “I am sorry.”
SHERYL: “I see you went away to be united with someone that was important.”
SHERYL to group: “My dad was driving his lover to another city. When he departed it was difficult for me to say goodbye. Then later that night I got the news that he had died.”
SHERYL to DAD: “I am too young to understand your motivations.”
SIMONE: “See if you can come closer and give your dad a hug.”
SHERYL goes to DAD and they embrace.
DAD: “You can go on with your life now. I have always loved you. None of this is your concern.” LIFE enters the circle.
LOVER and CHILD stand behind DAD who is facing SHERYL.
SHERYL: “Dad only you can take me out towards life.”
DAD: “Go to life. I am relieved.”
SHERYL: “I accept that another man takes me outside of this and into life.”
SHERYL to DAD: “Now I leave you in peace.”
ANOTHER MAN for SHERYL enters the circle.
SIMONE to SHERYL: “Can you look at him (ANOTHER MAN) or are you still a child stopped at your dad’s death?”
SHERYL faces ANOTHER MAN and looks at him.
SIMONE: “Say to him, I was a child stuck at my dad’s death.”
SHERYL: repeats.
SHERYL takes some time to compose herself.
SHERYL: “I think it is good enough now.” She smiles for the first time since the Healing Circle started.
SIMONE: “Tell him this is my story and my spiritual challenge and you grow beyond them and grow to live my own love story and face real love.”
SHERYL: repeats and goes to ANOTHER MAN. The entire group goes to her and surrounds her in support.
SIMONE: “See if it is possible to say yes.”
SHERYL: “Yes”!!!! She has a huge smile on her face.

[End of Constellation]

Sheryl returns to her seat and adopts the Positive Statement that her heart suggested: “I live life to the fullest and I am unlimited.”

Sheryl’s heart guides her to the Quantum Healing Code: “Open Heart Chord.” She listens to the code while doing zip-ups to raise her energy from her toes to her crown. While doing the movement and listening to the Open Heart Chord, Sheryl repeats three times out loud: “I live life to the fullest and I am unlimited.

The entire group joins her.

[The session is complete]

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