Group Session Healing Circle Webinars

Group Session Healing Circle Webinars with Scalar Heart Connection®

Stephen Linsteadt, founder of Scalar Heart Connection, hosts FREE group Scalar Heart Connection sessions.

During the session, we will ask our collective hearts to give us insight into an area of our lives and inner-self that is motivating us to change and grow. It is an opportunity for attendees to transform resonance patterns that are standing in the way of what they want in a relationship, career, life-purpose, feeling disconnected, or issues with low self-esteem, etc.

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Webinar - May 24, 2016
In our last Group Session, one attendee said she was feeling more and more frustrated by her husband’s physical challenges. She explained that he is older than her and his physical decline prevents her from doing activities that she enjoys. The group found a common resonance around physical limitations and compassion. We were surprised at what our heart told us... Read the Entire Session »

Positive Statement: I honor and accept my physical challenges and those of others and move into playful joy, finding new ways to be in relationship with myself and others (who have physical challenges).

Webinar - May 12, 2016
The attendees resonated with feeling stuck, not being able to go into action, or feeling undermined in their efforts. There was also a sense that we lacked clarity as well as courage in moving into action with our ideas and plans. Read the Entire Session »

Positive Statement: I accept what the Universe brings with clarity and balance and a joyful heart.

Webinar - April 7, 2016
The group wanted to focus the session on the Issue of how to overcome feelings of guilt around making changes. Read the Entire Session »

Positive Statement: I am beyond the personality I took on out of guilt and am in service to my Self first.

Webinar - February 11, 2016
The group felt that structural things in their lives were slipping through the cracks. They were also feeling a lot of tension and anxiety around business issues and stepping out in the world. There was a sense of tension between creativity, expansion, and structure. Read the Entire Session »

Positive Statement: We receive Universal Life Force and respect the timing of creating balance between creative expansion and structure.

Webinar - January 14, 2016
Our heart showed us that we are sometimes in denial about the health of the planet and also about our own health. Our heart asked us to trust that what is happening is helping us to re-evaluate what is important in our lives.

Positive Statement: We trust that we are being guided for the highest good towards our vision of personal and world peace.

Webinar - December 10, 2015
Our heart emphasized the need we have to be free from confinement and reminded us to honor other's right to freedom from confinement and control. We were reminded that too often we act from a place of scarcity. We are in a state of trauma and paralysis. So many people doing good and not being heard. The Issue as found in the Throat chakra and the statement: "I am silenced."

Positive Statement: We are heard when we speak the heart's truth about world peace and our leaders also speak the truth from their heart that leads to positive action, and we live in abundance and gratitude flows through us all.