- What is Scalar Heart Connection?

What is Scalar Heart Connection®

Scalar Heart Connection® is the I-Ching for the 21st Century. It connects us to the source of synchronicity and thereby helps us tap into the innate knowing of our heart so we can ask the intelligence beyond time and space to guide us through life's challenges in a heartfull way instead of re-acting from our brain's conditioned response (which is usually what caused the problem in the first place). The process utilizes the concepts of quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, and the heart's scalar field of unlimited potentiality to help us tap into our heart's innate knowing in order to help us access our mind’s fears and the negative subconscious beliefs that hold us in limitation, preventing us from experiencing joy, happiness, purpose, and inner connection to the heartbeat of the Universe.

  • Let the process guide you to what your heart already knows about your mind’s inner conflict and struggles so you can flood your life with the joy that comes from being your authentic self.
  • Experience a tool that will empower you to be your own guide through your limiting beliefs and provide you with the first steps to becoming what your heart really desires.
  • Let your heart show you the archetypal patterns that present themselves as obstacles to help us transform and grow.
  • Uncover the limiting ancestral inheritance patterns from your parent’s parents; the ones that condition our negative beliefs and reactions.
  • Discover the Quantum Healing Codes™ and how their vibrations come together to support greater coherence within the resonance of what we want to create in our life.

Personal Transformation
Tapping into your heart's innate knowing will help you powerfully shift your worldview into an uplifting approach to life.

Love & Relationships
To have the love you want, you must evolve into the person you want to attract. Let your heart clear limiting and negative beliefs that prevent you from experiencing a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Life Purpose
Let your heart guide you towards greater spiritual fulfillment and communion. Aligning with your heart's innate knowing is the first step to connecting to a higher calling and deeper purpose.

Evolving Planet
Through the inner connection with our heart, we automatically connect to the heart of others and to the Earthbeat of our planet. The ancient wisdom of the heart's interface between the seen and the unseen offers a new paradigm for the 21st century. The heart will always tell us what we need to know. We only need to know how to ask and how to listen.

Dr. Erich Parks interviews Laura Linsteadt about Scalar Heart Connection:

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