Men Organic Bamboo & Cotton T-shirt: Scalar Heart Connection


Men Organic Bamboo & Cotton T-shirt: Scalar Heart Connection 00629

Scalar Heart Collection organic bamboo & cotton Men t-shirts are well made, soft and silky. You'll like the cut of this shirt: slightly scooped neck, capped sleeves and generous in length. Constructed overseas from 70% viscose from organic bamboo, 30% organic cotton. Scala Heart Collection come with a nice looking hang tag that explains the benefits of eco-friendly fibers.

Inspired in sacred geometry, our collection of organic bamboo t-shirts have a great fit. They are not just environmentally friendly organic t-shirts but they are just great to the touch and we can feel good about wearing it at any occasion that calls for a soft, organic T-shirt.

Scalar Heart Collection of T-Shirts are made in small, family-owned production environments where people are treated well. Scalar Heart Connection T-shirts home and printer are in Boulder, Colorado providing the setting where they continuously work to make you happy by creating the best t-shirt we can offer with the best designs by Scalar Heart Collection.

All chest measurements are in inches seam to seam


$29 In stock
Brand:Scalar Heart Collection
Color: Blue charcoal
Men Organic Bamboo & Cotton T-shirt: Scalar Heart Connection Men Organic Bamboo & Cotton T-shirt: Scalar Heart Connection



Scalar Heart Connection

The process taps into the source of synchronicity through the innate knowing of the heart. The method allows us to bypass the mind’s reactivity so we can hear the heart’s loving messages to us and identifies what is holding us back from realizing our full potential and unique gifts. It opens our heart to the vibration [… Read More]

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